The SPIEGEL Group: Rights, Reprints and Permissions

You can make use of the high-quality content from the broad range of SPIEGEL Group products, by publishing it in your own newspaper or magazine or distributing it among your employees for training purposes in the form of reprints. The following pages will provide you with the necessary information on how to obtain licences to use our articles, illustrations, covers and films.

The products of the SPIEGEL Group

  • Dein SPIEGEL
  • DER SPIEGEL Jahres-Chronik
  • SPIEGEL ONLINE International
  • manager magazin
  • Harvard Business Manager
  • Harvard Business Manager Online
  • SPIEGEL TV Distribution

Our Service

Thank you for your interest in using our material.
All our material is copyright-protected. If you send us your query using the request form, we will inform you quickly and comprehensively about the relevant options for and conditions of use. You can then study our offer at your leisure. A licence can be granted after we receive your written consent to our offer.

Options for Use and Fees

This document explains how to obtain a licence to use our material. The use of our texts, illustrations, covers or films requires our prior permission and is usually subject to a licensing fee.

Private individuals, schools and universities, educational publishing companies
No fee is charged for quoting extracts that are to be used for scientific or educational purposes, nor for posting links to our content.

A limited number of copies of an article (up to 20 copies) intended for private or school use may be distributed without obtaining prior permission.

Special discount conditions and offers for reprints are available to schools, universities and educational publishing companies. Please ask for further details if you are interested!

Commercial and media customers
The commercial utilisation of our content includes, among other things, the use of our content in any type of media, for corporate training programmes, for your customer services or customer brochures, and in collections of articles.

As a rule, we will not permit our material to be used purely for advertising purposes. Our content must not be resold.

Licences to utilise material abroad
The utilisation of content (other than photographs) from DER SPIEGEL, Dein SPIEGEL, KULTUR SPIEGEL, UNI SPIEGEL, SPIEGEL GESCHICHTE, SPIEGEL WISSEN, SPIEGEL SPECIAL, DER SPIEGEL Jahres-Chronik and SPIEGEL ONLINE International in non-German-speaking countries is managed by the New York Times Syndicate:

For all other products by the SPIEGEL Group (manager magazin, Harvard Business Manager, SPIEGEL ONLINE,, SPIEGEL TV), please use our request form.

The prices quoted on this site for our products (SPIEGEL-Verlag, manager magazin Verlagsgesellschaft, SPIEGEL TV), are non-binding. At your request, we will be happy to make you an offer for the specific type of use you desire.

Request Form
Would you like to republish our material? Our contact form is here.
Almost all articles from the SPIEGEL Group’s publications since 1947 are available free of charge for private use here:
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